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AIO For Business

Prepaid Solutions for Busines needs

AIO for Business

AIO for Business is an initiative of AIO Solutions it is designed to cater to the needs of corporates and businesses. AIO for Business utilizes prepaid solutions to better provide load packages to corporate and business internal stakeholders. 

Batch Uploading

The Batch loading tool is a tool designed to simplify the loading process for multiple numbers. With this tool loading 100 or more numbers is simple as clicking a button. This helps lessen the time in loading and makes it convenient for you. 

Schedule Loading

Schedule loading is extent feature of batch loading. Schedule loading allows scheduled automatic batch loading, this feature enables automatic disbursement of load and as the same as batch loading it can load 100 or more phone numbers. 

Benefits of Prepaid

Benefits of adopting prepaid into your Load Bonuses to your employees

Cheaper Compared to postpaid plans 

More Data Allocations

Unli Calls & Text 

Fixed data allocation and expenses

Avoid over usage 

Flexible packages

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