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All in One Digital Products
and Service Provider

Generate More Income

Create Value Through Digital Products

The product line for gaming includes two-way

E-pins and direct top-ups. The E-pins portfolio includes all of the market's top games and budget-friendly options. Direct Top-up is a method of topping up, game credits are sent directly to gaming accounts, avoiding SMS interruptions.

The Telecom services offering comprises products from Smart, Globe, and Dito, as well as a wide range of prepaid packages to satisfy your client's needs and requests.

The bills-paying services cover various bills like government, RFID, airlines, and other utilities such as cable and internet, water, and electricity.

Our Competitive Advantages

No Integration Fee

AIO Solutions does not charge clients integration fees; integration is achieved through API consumption

Maintain Inventory

AIO Solutions manages all inventory for telecom and gaming pins. All requests for telecom load and gaming pins are forwarded via API

Marketing Support

Customer Support

AIO Solutions provides marketing support, like promotional campaigns, for load and gaming pins to promote your platform.

AIO Solutions offers 24/7 client support and ensures to address all concerns and queries of its clients.

Flexible Integration

AIO Solutions offers great flexibility when it comes to integration. Any system can be easily integrated. The in-house IT team has the expertise to provide solutions for any difficulties or modifications in the API.


Empowering banks to offer more than traditional financial transactions but also delve into bills payment collection, telecom load and gaming pins distribution—a significant evolution in their services. 

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Enabling Fintechs and other digital outlet platforms to integrate and offer telecom load, gaming pins, and bills payment services via their mobile apps.



Prepaid load packages are supplied to corporate and business organizations as incentives for internal stakeholders.

B2B Engagements

Driving economic growth and taking to Next-Level innovations


Our Partners



“Our partnership with AiO Solutions has lasted quite a while, and we are confident that they are one of our most reliable partners when it comes to providing the best services to Filipino consumers. They provide extra mile services and help us connect with additional brands that would benefit our Mocasa customers. The AiO team is extremely helpful and has always been available to answer our questions. Their customer service has been top-notch and they have gone out of their way to make sure we have the best experience with their services. We are very pleased with our partnership with AiO Solutions and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient all in one solutions."
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